Gratitude (mindfulness post for 2/16/17)

Posted on by Matthew Kramer-LaPadula

Gratitude is such an important feeling. It is an ignored feeling, an outlier. A consistent daily feeling of gratitude motivates us and brings light into our darkness. I am asked sometimes how to feel gratitude when you have nothing. First, the perception of having nothing is an illusion. You have life! Otherwise, you would not have a perception. Now you might say, great, I’ve got life. But what is that? Life is the overlooked miracle. You are breathing. You can feel and taste and smell the world. Maybe you can see. Maybe you can hear. These are all miracles. Did you have breakfast today? Was it good? Did you talk to a friend? Did you experience love? Did you read a good book? Did you see inspiring artwork? Real gratitude isn’t in thankfulness for winning the lottery. It’s in what most people would consider mundane. But we only consider a thing mundane because we’re so focused on other, typically less important, things. We’ve got bills. We’ve got stress at work. We’ve got relationship problems. Our car broke down. All of these pale in comparison to the miracle of life. Find something in your day, something small, something overlooked … and see the value and beauty in that thing. See what you DO have instead of what you DON’T.