Posted on by Matthew Kramer-LaPadula

What is your impact today? What are you doing right now to bring more joy not just into your life but others’ lives? Do you understand your impact on the Earth? Perhaps we believe that our impact is so small as to be negligible. But when everyone believes that, these negligible amounts become destructive. What we choose to do IS important. The way we choose to treat others and Earth IS important. And the important choice to make is to act with compassion. Listen compassionately. Eat compassionately. Speak compassionately. Treat the Earth with compassion. Treat others with compassion. Leave one person’s day 0.01% better than it was before you came along. Leave the Earth 0.01% better than it was before you came along. If we do this in unison, then the world will change. Do not be discouraged by others who have not understood the power of compassion; act of your own … lead … show others the strength and power of a mindful life.