Matthew Kramer Art & Design

Branding : Art : Collaboration

This is an age of design. Companies compete to market new ideas and re-market old ideas in new packages. Good design and aesthetics can create appeal and separate a product, service, organization, or individual from others in a sea of homogeneity.

Our purpose is to provide contemporary, creative graphic design as both personal and commercial services. We aim to produce modern work that meet the needs of you or your organization both financially and creatively. We closely follows trends and utilizes the latest technologies and techniques to ensure that your message is delivered effectively through any graphic medium. Your design should be distinct, appealing, and innovative yet representative.

We can manage printing services or offer you source files to do with as you please in any format, royalty-free. When it comes to getting your business started, we can manage all of the IT legwork ... from domain purchases to website and e-mail setup.

Matthew Kramer Art & Design is located in the Lehigh Valley and serves the Philadelphia and New York metro areas. We specialize in 

  • branding : logos, stationery, newsletters, business cards, menus, etc.
  • artistic design : album covers, posters, printed work (canvas), digital artwork, original and derivative work
  • photographic enhancement : from simple brush-ups and color-corrections to full-blow artistic composites
  • cloud infrastructure : converting businesses to cloud-based infrastructures

Please check back here often for updates and samples of our work.